Hardware Keylogger


The KeyCobra hardware keylogger is a small device that, once plugged in between your keyboard and computer, records all keystrokes typed. These devices are dual-function: a keystroke recorder and a flash disk for instant data retrieval.

There are no software drives required - simply plug & Play. Most importantly they are completely undetectable to anti-virus, anti virus software or firewall's.

The device comes in a USB and PS2 version and internal memory sizes of 4MB and 2GB which allow you to capture and store over 2 billion keystrokes (equal to over 1 million pages of text).

Keylogger for USB Keyboards

USB Hardware Keylogger

Our advanced USB hardware keystroke recorder is one of the smallest on the market. We have a variety of versions that will suit your needs; including a Wifi keylogger that will automatically send all the recorded data to any email address you want via a Wifi Access Point. As with all our hardware keylogger products, you never have to download any software or drivers. This device is compatible with any version of Windows, Mac and Linux. Read more.

Keylogger for PS2 Keyboards

PS2 Hardware Keylogger

For PS2 keyboards we have our classic PS2 hardware keylogger which also comes in two memory size versions, a 4MB and a 2GB. From an easy to access text menu, you have a wide variety of options. As with the USB version, with our PS2 keystroke recorder, you don't have to download any drivers or software - it is simply just "plug and play". Included for free is the USB download accelerator which will allow you to retrieve all recorded logs in seconds. Read more.