How The PS2 Keylogger Works


Keystroke Recording mode

Installing the PS2 Keylogger is very simple. All you have to do is plug in the device between your PS2 keyboard and the computer - that's it! See the before and after images below.

Once plugged in , the device will power up in about 2 second and the recording will begin. All keystroke will start being captured.

You will not need to download any software or install any drivers.

PS2 Installation Before PS2 Installation After

To install, simply follow the PS2 keyboard cord and disconnect it from the PS2 port on your computer.

Connect the PS2 keylogger to the keyboard PS2 cord and then plug it back into your PS2 port. You can do this while the computer is up and running.

Keystroke Playback Mode (Text Menu)

To retrieve and view the recorded keystrokes, simply invoke the text menu. The device needs to still be connected to a computer as it is in record mode. (It can be any computer)

To invoke the text all you need to do is open any text editor, such as MS Word or Notepad.

PS2 Playback mode

Every device has a 3 key combination code built into it. The combination for the PS2 Keylogger is K,D,B (by default). Pressing all 3 of these keys at the same time will trigger the text menu.

To surf around the menu, use the digit (number) keys. For example, if you press "1" it will initiate memory viewing (viewing the recorded keystrokes). When pressing "1" you will see the recorded keystrokes displayed like this:

viewing the recorded keystrokes

The text-menu offers a variety of view, search, and configuration options. Examples of text menu usage are shown below.

Net Detective
Net Detective
Phase Search
Phrase Search
Key Filtering
Keystroke Filtering
PS/2 Main
Main Screen

Find detailed information in our KeyCobra PS2 User Guide.

Fast playback with the USB Download Accelerator

Free USB Accelerator DownloadWith all purchases, the USB Download Accelerator is included FREE. It will allow you to retrieve the recorded keystroke data on any USB port.

Just plug in the PS2 Keylogger into the USB accelerator, then plug in the USB accelerator into any USB port.

retrive the data on any USB port

Once plugged, the keylogger will respond as a mass storage device automatically.

mass storage device

All the keystrokes that were recorded will be in a file called LOG.TXT. You can copy this file onto your computer - this will only take a few seconds to do. The LOG.TXT file can be viewed at any time and can be searched/scanned with any standard text editor such as notepad.

Keyboard Layouts for National Languages

If you have a keyboard with a national language, you can enable a national layout. We have set layouts for most languages for download here. Using a layout will allow characters in other languages to be logged properly.

Visit our national layouts download section and find the layout for your language. The downloaded file will be called LAYOUT.TXT and it will need to be placed in the root folder (of the device). You can simply drag the file into the folder through Windows Explorer.

Keyboard Layouts for National Languages

Safely remove the PS2 flash disk and the layout will be enabled. The new language layout file will load automatically on the next recording mode initiation.