PS2 Keylogger


For older keyboards, we offer the our advanced PS2 keylogger. Like the USB keylogger, it also comes in 2 versions, a standard 4MB memory capacity (records over 2 million keystrokes) as well as a Venom version (records over 2 billion keystrokes.

This device features a text menu with many options for analyzing the recorded keystroke data. Included with all purchases, you will receive our USB download accelerator which is used for super fast data retrieval. Our PS2 hardware keylogger is completely hidden to the computer operation. There is not software or drivers to download. The device supports layouts for all national languages. Learn how our PS2 Keylogger works.

PS2 Keystroke Recorder Features

What do you use it for?

New Option: Time and Date Stamping

Our Keycobra PS2 Keylogger Venom Pro Forensic (TimeStamp Edition) offers the same 2GB of built in storage memory which will allow the recording of thousands of pages typed.

All recorded logs are properly stamped with the time and date. It has it's own built in battery which means the clock is always accurate - it does not go by your computer (as sometimes it may not be correct).

If your computer is restarted or not on for days, the device will still keep the correct time. With our TimeStamp device, you will always know exactly what was typed and when it was typed. This device is only available for PS2 keyboards.

TimeStamp Edition

The Venom Pro Forensic built in lithium battery used by this time-stamping hardware keylogger is guaranteed to work at least seven years, which gives you a maintenance free product.

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