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KeyCobra USB User Guide (pdf)

KeyCobra PS2 User Guide (pdf)


1. Do you ship to...?
We ship worldwide! Use use Expedited shipping services for all packages (Shipping details here).

2. What are your payment options?
You can purchase via paypal, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discovery Card), or bank transfer. All online purchases are 100% guaranteed secure. All orders will be processed by, a reputed ecommerce merchant for hardware and software products. The FastSpring order pages are secured by Norton (VeriSign). is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) online.

3. What does the package look like?
All shipments are discreet. The name "KeyCobra" does not appear anywhere on or in the packaging. The contents is simply listed as "USB Storage Device".

4. Is the KeyCobra compatible with a Mac?
Yes, the KeyCobra is compatible with all Mac computers (except the iMac model 7.1)

5. Will the PS2 keyloggers work on USB keyboards with special adapters?
Generally not. In most cases you will need a USB keylogger for USB keyboards.

6. Can I retrieve logged data on a different computer than it was recorded?
Yes, of course! This is the whole sense of our product.

7. Do you provide personal data of previous customers?
No. All data is confidential and used only for product warranty purposes.

8. Can you connect and disconnect the keylogger when power is up?
For PS2 keyloggers theoretically it is not (however we have not heard of any product damage so far). For the USB keylogger it is OK to "hot-plug" the keyboard and device..

9. Can I create my own national keyboard layout file?
Yes, and this is quite simple. Use any layout template from our web page and modify the columns. The columns in the layout file are: 1 - key scancode (do not change), 2 - key name (change only if the layout differs from the standard), 3 - ASCII character printed, when a key pressed, 4 - ASCII character printed, when a key is pressed with SHIFT, 5 - ASCII character printed, when a key is pressed with ALT GR, 6 - ASCII character printed, when a key is pressed with SHIFT & ALT GR, 7 - special scancode (do not change).

National keyboard languages layout files

Click here to download layouts for any language keyboard.