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If you are looking for a quality USB keylogger, choose Keycobra. We offer the worlds smallest and smartest USB hardware keystroke recorded. It is available in 2 memory capacity options, 4MB (2 million keystrokes) and 2GB (2 billion keystrokes). The devices is organized into an advanced flash FAT file system and features super fast data retrieve by switching into Flash Drive mode for download. Since there is no software or drivers required, this USB keystroke recorder is completely transparent to computer operation. Learn how our USB Keylogger works.

USB Hardware Keylogger Features

What do you use it for?

100% Completely Secure

With the USB Keylogger, only you can access and view the recorded logs. There is a secret password that protects the saved keystrokes and you can set or change the password at any time. The KeyCobra USB Keystroke recorder stores everything with a strong 128-bit encryption. This makes access to the information all but impossible.

100% Undetectable

Our USB hardware keylogger is completely unobtrusive and transparent to your OC since it requiring no resources al all. The device uses its own CPU as well as it's own memory to capture and store keystroke presses. Also it is 100% undetectable to anti virus or anti spyware software since the device does not require any drivers or software.

New Time and Date Stamping Option

The Keycobra USB Venom Pro Forensic Hardware Keylogger offers Time Stamping which means the log file will show the time and date of all keystrokes.

Thanks to the built in battery, the time is always correct. Even if the computer has been rebooted or unplugged for an extended period of time, the time will always be correct. Regardless of the clock of your PC, with the TimeStamp feature you will always know exactly what was typed and when it was typed.

The Keycobra Venom Pro Forensic has a lithium battery built in. This is what is used by the time-stamping module and it is guaranteed to work for seven years or more, ensuring a maintenance free product.

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