WiFi Keylogger

The only wireless keystroke recorder of it's kind, the KeyGrabber USB & PS2 Wifi Keylogger!

These wireless keystroke recorders are packed with the most advanced, state-of-the-art electronics. It contains two processors, a WLAN transceiver, full TCP/IP stack and 2GB of memory.

Besides the standard features of the PS2 keylogger and USB keylogger, it also features the ability to access an internet connection. Our Wifi keylogger will connect to any local WiFi Access Point and send emails to you containing the recorded keystroke data. Of course, you can also connect to the keylogger over TCP/IP to view the captured keystroke logs. You get all this in our tiny 5cm (less than 2 inches) device!

This is how the Wifi Keylogger works

The device works by simply plugging in between your keyboard and computer - that's it!

The Wifi Keylogger has a built-in TCP/IP stack and WLAN transceiver. This means it can connect to the Internet through any Wifi Access Point. To enable the connection you need to provide some basic data such as the Network ID and password just as you for any other device connecting.

Once the device is connected to a Wifi Access Point it will start start sending email reports with recorded keystroke data to any address you enter. This will allow you to keep track of all activity on the monitored computer from anywhere in the world - all you need to do is check your email!

This wireless keystroke recorder features a TCP/IP interface, for quick access any time. With special software delivered with the device, you can remotely download all recorded data from the keylogger.

This control software is able to communicate with multiple Wifi keyloggers! This will allow you to create an entire networks of wireless keyloggers. This is ideal for monitoring several computers in your home or in your office for controlling employee productivity.

Wifi Keylogger unique features

* Connects to the Internet via a local Wifi Access Point
* Email reports with the recorded data are sent automatically to you
* Quick access at any time through TCP/IP Wifi
* WEP, WPA, and WPA-2 encryption supported
* 2 Gigabytes internal storage memory for all versions
* Flash drive mode is available for both USB and PS2 versions
* Does not require andy software or drivers to be installed
* Compatible with All Windows, Linux, and Mac
* Discrete and ultra compact, this device is only 2 inches (actually smaller!)
* Time-stamping module built in (so you can see time/date of keys entered)
* Same complete functionality of the USB or PS2 keylogger

USB  2 GB (16 Gbit) PS2  2 GB - (16 Gbit)
  • Wifi interface w/ TCP/IP access
  • Email log reporting
  • WEP, WPA & WPA-2 security
  • 2 GB of internal storage memory
  • USB Flash Drive mode
  • Support National languages
  • Time & date stamping
  • 7 year battery that is built-in
  • 128-bit memory encryption
  • Wifi interface w/ TCP/IP access
  • Email log reporting
  • WEP, WPA & WPA-2 security
  • 2 GB internal storage memory
  • Text Menu mode
  • Includes USB Download Accelerator
  • USB Flash Drive mode
  • Support National languages
  • Time & date stamping
  • Built in 7 year battery
  • 128-bit memory encryption

Using it is Simple!

The KeyGrabber Wifi keylogger is extremely easy to use. All you do is simply connect it between the computer and the keyboard (available for USB & PS2 keyboards), configure it with wifi details which include your WEP/WPA/WPA2 password, and then enter any e-mail address where you would like the reports to be sent to. Once plugged in, the wireless keylogger will start recording ever keystrokes entered - even if the operating system is not loaded.

Works Anywhere and Everywhere

The KeyGrabber Wifi is compatible with and and all computers. It does not require any drivers or software - plug it it as soon as you get it. This wireless keystroke recorder will work with PC (any version of Windows), Mac workstations, Linux and any other operating systems.

All Types of Keyboards Supported

The KeyGrabber Wifi Keylogger supports any kind of keyboard. The PS2 and USB will support all types of wired and wireless keyboards, including international and multimedia keyboards.

Easy Stand Alone Operation

One of the any features is that the keylogger operates completely stand alone. The KeyGrabber will work for 7 years without requiring attention since it features a time stamping module. The logs recorded by Wifi hardware keylogger will survive power outages, computer reboots, system failures and hard drive replacements.

With Time Stamping, the Logs are Easy to View

All keystrokes logged by the wifi hardware keylogger are properly time and date stamped. The time is always correct thanks to the built in battery - even if the computer is rebooted or unplugged for extended periods of time. Regardless of the clock on your PC, you'll always know the true exactly time of what was typed.

100% Undetectable and Secure

Our Wifi hardware keylogger supports the standard WPA, WEP, and WPA2 security for ultimate security. All transmissions over any wireless connection cannot be intercepted and is 100% secure. Since there are no drivers or software that needs to be installed, you can be sure that it will be 100% undetectable and invisible to all anti virus and anti spyware software.

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